Donate to the Acropolis

The restoration of the Acropolis is scheduled to co-inside with the restoration of the historic 19th Century Fire Watchtower. The Acropolis was built around the Fire Watchtower burying about 2 feet of the towers columns below the floor of the Acropolis. When the tower is dismantled and removed from the Acropolis it will be the ideal time to begin the work on the Acropolis to ready the site for the return of the Fire Watchtower to its original location. The Acropolis is 27,352.44 square feet which is large enough for the restoration and re-design to incorporate a variety of uses and programming, Event Space, Entertainment Space, Art Installations, Exercise Space, Green Space, Community Gardens or perhaps a Cafe. The limitations are defined only by the funds required to make it happen.

If you would like to donate to the restoration and re-design of the Acropolis you can write a check made out to Marcus Garvey Alliance with Acropolis written in the notes section. Please mail to:

Valerie Bradley                                                                                                                            Treasurer Marcus Garvey Park Alliance                                                                                         144 West 120th Street                                                                                                                                    New York, NY 10027

Or click through to paypal

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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